About Us


In Bath, Chinese Christian Fellowship was initially established in 1971, it is called Bath Chinese Overseas Christian fellowship (BCOCF) which is an associated member of Chinese Overseas Christian Mission (COCM). In April 2005, as the size of the fellowship grew, we found that it became necessary to split into two groups: Mandarin and Cantonese. Bath Chinese Christian Fellowship (BCCF) was then established.

BCCF is not affiliated to the Student Union; therefore it is not a society. We are an interdenominational group formed by mainly Cantonese-speaking students. We meet together every Saturday to share, to pray, to find out about God and to spread the love of God, stating the belief in Jesus Christ and the faith in the Bible. BCCF maintains administrative and financial independency. We are not directly affiliated to any church or denominations.

Our Vision

  1. To provide a platform in the university for mainly Cantonese-speaking students to grow in Christ and encourage each together.
  2. To spread the gospel on campus.

We welcome anyone who would like to know more about Christianity or is already a Christian to become part of our family as we worship God and share the joy of knowing God together at University of Bath.